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LAC® Taut® is a widely respected premium luxury brand leader in the anti-aging, beauty supplement category. 

Taut® is sold worldwide since 2006 with millions of women loving Taut® Collagen.


To renew, refresh and restore our skin and body, and embrace "Beautiful Healthy Skin and Body starts from within".  

Our mission and passion are always focused on you, our customers!

We are here to share the science behind the ingredients that your skin & body needs, important anti-aging tips and promise to use only the most premium, clinically tested and 'clean' ingredients that work best to nourish your skin and body.


Who we are

We are nature loving people, enjoy good, healthy food and the great outdoors. We love natural beauty and embrace authenticity and a natural way of life.

Larry Pederson, Founder Renewalliance Inc DBA TautUSA


My name is Larry Pederson.

I am the founder of RenewAlliance Inc.

While I may not be a scientist by training, I do have under my belt several patents for the invention of a portable light therapy device called Litebook that quickly and safely adjusts our body’s internal ‘circadian rhythm’ to help people suffering from the winter blues, various sleep disorders and even cancer-related fatigue – and I have worked extensively with clinical researchers from Harvard, Yale and other leading universities.

I am by nature a very solutions-oriented person, so it’s natural for me to embrace my Asian wife and partner's holistic ‘inside out, outside in’ approach to healthy, youthful living.  I am also a skeptic by nature, and while I couldn't argue with the dramatic results my wife experienced when she first tried Taut, before trying it myself, I insisted on doing my homework and reviewing all available scientific literature to determine if Taut was legitimate.  I was pleased to determine that the science behind ingestible collagen like Taut was extensive, so I decided to give Taut a try. 

About two weeks into my trial (drinking 1 bottle nightly before bed), I looked at my face in the mirror one morning while shaving and wondered aloud, "Is it just me -- or does my skin look and feel amazing?!"  That was enough for me -- I became a believer, a regular user (of all Taut products, especially the drink and mask), and a passionate advocate.

I am always searching for ways to improve our products’ formulas, and eager to share the latest product knowledge to our team, our customers and to anyone interested to learn more about our products and ingredients, the "Why" and "How".

I am the ‘go-to’ person for product training, product knowledge, opening new markets, legal compliance and sometimes even customer support.  

If you have a question that our sales support team cannot answer, I am always here to provide you with the best scientific knowledge and personal encouragement!

Best in Health,



Taut USA About the founder


Hello Again! 

Hi, it’s Grace here.

It was my search for a convenient, safe and effective way to turn back the hands of time for myself that started our new business venture and led me, together with my husband, Larry, to co-found RenewAlliance Inc (doing business as TautUSA). From the outset, it has been our goal to provide premium, tested and convenient anti-aging solutions that incorporate our philosophy and holistic approach "inside out and outside in”, that help promote and support in a natural way our youthful body, skin and vitality.

I was one of the many women who were concerned about aging, as I started having sagging skin (and losing my fullness) after turning 40.  While searching for the best, natural and most effective solution, we discovered Taut® Gold Collagen (a popular premium brand) on a business trip in Singapore in 2012. The idea of taking collagen to replenish my lost collagen immediately made perfect sense to me. Since Taut Collagen has the highest potency of collagen, anti-aging ingredients and is backed by science, I decided to give it a try. I drank one little bottle of Taut each night for a couple of days and wow…the results were amazing. Soon after we learned Taut was not available yet in the U.S.

So with my business experience and Larry’s science background, we formed a partnership in 2013 with the Taut® brand owner, Oni Global (a subsidiary of the large public company OSIM) and established RenewAlliance Inc DBA TautUSA. We redesigned, repackaged and rebranded Taut Collagen and launched Taut Premium Collagen in the U.S in June 2013, for the health, beauty and spa channels.

Since our launch, Taut Premium Collagen has been featured in many major beauty, health and wellness magazines and it has succeeded beyond our expectations.  The rest, as they say, is history. 


Taut Collagen featured in Hudson Mod

Renew Alliance press mentions
Renew Alliance press mentions
Renew Alliance press mentions
Renew Alliance press mentions
Renew Alliance press mentions
Renew Alliance press mentions

Our Milestones

In 2015, we reformulated Taut® Premium Collagen to be made with a natural plant-based sweetener (Stevia Leaf Extract) and without preservatives, for a better cleaner product for our US customers.

In 2016, we elevated the Taut® collagen and beauty supplement range to the next level, designing and launching the first “Complete Collagen Skin Care System”.  Later that year, we also successfully introduced our “Collagen Intense Transformation Collection” – both of these curated, simple easy value programs designed to help address our customers’ specific skin care concerns.

In April 2018, we are pleased to announce that we have launched our newest improved Taut® formula – now with grape seed extract and elastin:  Taut® Premium Collagen Advanced Formula.

Today, Taut® is available in many luxury health, beauty, pharmacies and online stores. 

Thank you for joining all the millions of women who love Taut.


What We Do

Innovate. Improve. Advance.

We listen to you and always hear your concerns and strive to improve, whether it is providing the best customer service, enhancing our product formulation or elevating your shopping experience. 

It is our goal to provide you with only the most luxurious, powerful and effective products, with all the information you desire at your fingertips, and always a friendly “V.I.P.” shopping experience.



Where we are now


We offer our curated and simple (effortless) effective and complete Collagen supplements (e.g. our Taut Intense Transformation Collections) that will help to address your additional skin care concerns, from the inside out, and not just treating from the outside. 

Also, we just launched our newest improved formula with grape seed extract - Taut Premium Collagen Advanced Formula, that not only helps to fight signs of aging, but also help to protect your skin from free radical damage.

After all, if your skin is healthy, youthful and glowing from within, you will wake up to beautiful, youthful skin every day.

As everyone's skin condition and concerns are different, we have developed our Skin Care Guide to help you pick products that are most relevant to your particular needs. 

or Shop by Skin Care Concern

Today, we are so proud to say we are one of the first few companies to offer simple, easy, curated programs that hopefully can simplify your shopping experience, and help you pick the products that best address your skin care concerns.

Explore our curated Transformation programs Collection and The Essentials or just shop ALL. 


Taut Collagen Essential Collection

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