Do any of my points expire?

If there is no purchase made in a 12 month period since your last order, all of your points will expire within 12 months from the date of your last order. In your account you will see your point total become zero after 12 months of no purchase activities.

Can I apply my reward redemption to all products?

All discount coupons, including redemption coupons, may only be applied for one- time purchase products, and may not be applied to auto-subscription products. Only one discount code may be applied at each order.

I just placed my order but I don't see my points being updated. Why?

There is a pending period of 3 weeks to ensure you receive your order and are satisfied before the reward purchase points ("pending" status) become "active".

Why can't I apply my redemption code and the discount code?

Unfortunately ONLY ONE CODE may be used for each order. If your redemption code value is less than the discount value you can receive from using our promotional code, you can either use your redemption code on a smaller value item, or split your order into 2 orders. This way you still enjoy significant savings.

Does my redemption code expire?

No. Once you redeem your points, your redemption code does not expire and you can use it anytime.

What's the difference between the previous rewards program vs the new rewards offer?

In the past, you only earn points by making a purchase. We also reward customers who made higher value purchases with higher $ redemption. But the points will expire at the end of the year and become zero. Now, with our new rewards plan, you still earn $1 for every order, but now you can earn up to 500 points and more when you share (on social media) -- and all the points do not expire as long as there is at least 1 purchase made within a 12 month period, from the date of your last order. 




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