New Beauty Fall 2018 Beauty Report

Featured as one of the top beauty trend - Transform your skin with collagen and look years younger

Good Morning America Oct18 2018

Dr Whitney talks on Fall Skin Care Fix that include drinking Taut Collagen that contains new skincare technology "hyaluronic acid"

Taut® Collagen Masks Featured On The Real TV Show

The ladies at the Real Show love Taut Collagen Masks.

Taut Collagen Supplement - How It Works & How To Drink

Susan Yara from NewBeauty describes the ingredients and how to drink.
Location: Fred Segal in Santa Monica, CA

Taut Featured in the Curator Event

Watch the Curator Event at Long Beach, all the beautiful people & Taut Collagen

New Beauty Editor's Pick | Taut USA

New Beauty Editor's Pick

Well + Good | Taut USA

Well + Good

CAN COLLAGEN CLEAR UP ACNE? I tried a 21-day regimen to find out.

New Beauty | Taut USA

New Beauty

Taut Collagen Featured in New Beauty

Inside Weddings | Taut USA

Inside Weddings

17 Beauty Products Brides-to-Be Need for Summer

Cosmopolitan | Taut USA


Taut Collagen a hot feature  

 | Taut USA
Beverly Hills Magazine | Taut USA

Beverly Hills Magazine

Fall Beauty Favorites for Him and Her

millionairesview.com | Taut USA


Refinery 29 | Taut USA

Refinery 29

Taut Collagen featured 

 | Taut USA
 | Taut USA
 | Taut USA
 | Taut USA
 | Taut USA
 | Taut USA
 | Taut USA
 | Taut USA
 | Taut USA

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