Skincare Organizer: Skin Care Storage & Beauty Product Shelf Guide

Skincare Organizer


While some women collect jewelry, handbags, and designer shoes, if you’re anything like us, you take pride in your carefully cultivated skincare product collection.

We know you’ve spent hours upon hours researching the hottest beauty trends, watching dermatologists on YouTube, and following every step from personalized skincare guides.

Now, there’s nothing better than taking care of your skin. But, if you’ve said “Yes!” to anything we’ve mentioned above, you may be struggling with one thing in particular: You’re running out of space to put it all! 

Luckily for all of us self-diagnosed skincare addicts, there are literally thousands of bags, shelves, and storage systems out there specifically designed with people like us in mind. In fact, there are so many options and different ways to organize your skincare that you might not know where to begin!

Ready to get started? Let’s figure out how you can upgrade your life with the right skincare organizer and keep all of your beauty favorites within arms’ reach.


Why Do I Need a Skincare or Makeup Organizer?


You don’t need to be Marie Kondo to figure out that having less clutter and more organization in your personal space is a good thing. Staying organized in every aspect of your life can help clear your mind, save time, make you feel accomplished, and even improve your relationships.

Now, we’re not saying that you need to get rid of all of the products collecting dust under your bathroom sink (you’ll use them one day, right?). But, having at least one form of skincare and make-up storage is the best way to feel like you have your life together. Plus, it’s nice to be able to open your cabinets without testing your hand-eye coordination.

And hey, maybe you’ll end up using that box-set that you got as a Secret Santa gift two years ago. But, if that’s not enough motivation to organize your skincare and makeup, here are a few more reasons why you should start using a skincare and makeup organizer:


1. Get Ready, Faster


When you’re in a rush, your morning routine always feels like it takes longer than it should - especially your skincare routine. Cut your morning routine in half by decluttering products with a skin care product organizer.

No more wondering where you put your moisturizer or why you can’t find your eye cream. Skincare organizers and storage boxes keep all of your go-to essentials perfectly organized and easily accessible, so you can get your routine done quickly and go on about your day.


2. Keep Your Products Safe and Sound


There’s absolutely nothing worse than seeing one of your prized skincare or makeup products take a tumble. Some products almost seem like they’re begging to fall over. And yes, we’re talking to you, tiny glass serum bottles.

Not only is it frustrating to feel like you’re wasting precious drops of your skincare elixirs, but you’re also left with a mess on your hands (and the bathroom floor). Thankfully, skincare organizers keep your products stored safely so you don’t run the risk of any future disasters.


3. Make Packing Quick and Painless


Whether you’re a self-proclaimed jet-setter or just can’t resist the occasional weekend-getaway, one thing is certain: We all struggle when it comes to packing.

We end up having to answer numerous self-proposed questions about what we’re bringing and why we’re bringing it. But, keeping your products organized is a simple way to make the dreaded packing process faster and more efficient. A skincare or makeup organizer helps you figure out at first-glance which products are deemed essential and which you can (temporarily) do without.

And, if you find yourself with more hotel freebies and travel-sized favorites than you know what to do with, giving them their own dedicated spot can help you quickly throw together your toiletry bag when you’re only bringing a carry-on.


4. Have an Efficient Daily Routine


Set yourself up for success! If your goal is to achieve the best skin you’ve ever had, creating a routine is key. Although you might see improvements in your skin after just one use with products like face masks and spot treatments, specialized moisturizers and serums, like our Taut Intensive Recovery Face Serum, need to be applied consistently for maximum results.

With continual daily use, the powerful plant-derived formula can create firmer, hydrated skin, improve skin radiance, and reduce fine lines over time. By keeping your best skincare products well-organized and in-reach, you increase the chances that you’ll use your products consistently and transform your skin in the long-term.

Although we know that there will eventually be days when completing your full night-time routine feels near impossible, keeping your products easily accessible can give you that extra boost to avoid skipping your routine when you just don’t feel like it. 


What Kinds of Skincare Organizers Are Out There?


Whether you’re sharing a tiny apartment bathroom with limited counter space or have a spacious mirrored vanity in your own personal glam room, finding a way to make organization easy can always feel like a challenge. You want all of your skincare products, make-up brushes, and fragrances to have their own designated spot, but you also want to leave some extra room for your collection to grow (we editors know the feeling).

Fortunately for us, the options are endless. The hardest part is deciding which one is best for you.


Toiletry Bag


Do you consider yourself a skincare minimalist? By that we mean you only need a few, holy-grail products to get the job done. If so, toiletry bags may be your BFF. They’re a compact and stylish way to keep all of your make-up and skincare organized.

Finding a toiletry bag to fit all of your needs is simple since they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Plus, some have special compartments, so you always know where things are when you need them the most. And, they’re an easy way to start your organization journey, since almost everyone has an extra toiletry bag lying around in their house.


Train Case


You don’t need to be a makeup artist to the stars in order to invest in a train case. This all-in-one skincare storage system truly is a life-saver. A train case is portable just like a toiletry bag, but with a lot more space. Train cases have compartments for all of the cosmetics you can think of from moisturizers to makeup brushes and everything in between.

They’re also easy to clean because of their hard plastic or metal exterior and washable interior lining. Some of the higher-end cases even have special features like mirrors and lights, so you can bring your vanity with you, no matter where you go.


Countertop Acrylic Beauty Organizer


For those of us who like to keep our most valuable items meticulously organized, the answer to our skin care storage issue is crystal clear: A clear acrylic makeup organizer. This type of makeup organizer is a popular choice for makeup gurus, Instagram stars, and beauty editors because it has plenty of compartments and drawers of all shapes and sizes that can fit just about anything.

Although they aren’t meant to be transported like a makeup bag or train case, clear acrylic makeup organizers are a popular choice for skincare product enthusiasts and organization obsessives because they are completely see-through. This makes it easy to see everything you have packed away in each compartment without having to open them all.


Rotating Makeup Organizer


Have limited space but a lot of stuff? A spinning organizer, otherwise known as a “Lazy Susan,” might be your best option. They come in a variety of sizes and are often adjustable so you can customize them to fit your beauty products perfectly. 

Of course, as the name would suggest, a rotating countertop is able to spin 360 degrees so you can access all of your prized possessions without running the risk of knocking anything over. On top of that, you can find them in different styles and materials to match your current bathroom decor.


Makeup Drawer Organizer


Keep your skincare and makeup collection out of sight and out of mind with a drawer organizer. Think of how you organize the silverware in your kitchen - it’s the same concept but for your skincare and makeup! Each item has its own designated spot so it stays in place when you open and close your drawer.

Although it’s easy to toss your stuff in various drawers and pretend like everything is organized - but we don’t recommend it. It can make things much harder to find and cause unnecessary clutter.

Having separate compartments makes organization simple. It only takes a few minutes to decide where your skincare, brushes, and make-up will go. And afterward, we guarantee you’ll feel much better about how you store your collection. If you don’t have any drawers, you can always use a skin care organizer tray on top of your vanity or bathroom counter for additional storage.


Mirror Tray


If you’ve ever purchased a beauty or make-up product because of how it looks, raise your hand. We think it’s a shame to keep something so aesthetically pleasing locked up in your bathroom cabinet.

A stylish mirror tray is the perfect organizational tool to show off your beautiful collection of make-up, skincare, and fragrance.

Although they aren’t the best when you need a lot of space for make-up storage, these decorative mirror trays can add a special touch of elegance and luxury to any vanity or countertop.


Skincare Shelf


Keep your skincare essentials hidden in plain sight with a wall-mounted skincare shelf. Shelves let you clear your countertops but still have your essentials visible. If you really want your cosmetics collection to pop, opt for shelving hardware with a gold finish.

The only downside to a skincare shelf is installing it. Fortunately, there are free-standing shelves and countertop shelving options that let you enjoy the benefits of a shelf, without the hassle of using power tools (or losing your security deposit).


Skincare Mini-Fridge


Nowadays, a beauty product organizer can do more than just keep the dust off of your skincare and cosmetics. So, if you’re serious about the efficacy of your skincare, a mini-fridge might be just what you’ve been looking for.

And no, we’re not talking about the mini-fridge you shared with your roommates in college. A skincare mini-fridge is small enough to fit right next to your sink or vanity. Plus, most of them are quiet, lightweight, and energy-efficient.

Sure, not everyone needs a skincare mini-fridge, but some cosmetics and essential oils for face are specifically formulated to be refrigerated after opening. A cool environment can also prevent certain cosmetics from going bad quickly.


Choosing the Right Skin Care Organizer For You


Now, don’t leave for The Container Store just yet. Use this opportunity to evaluate your skincare and cosmetics collection. Try to come up with a solution that works best for you and your lifestyle. You wouldn’t want to buy something that’s too big for your space or too small to fit the cosmetics that you use on a daily basis.

We also want to stress that you also don’t have to buy something new in order to up your organization game. Get creative! We’re sure you can find items lying around your house that could be put to better use as storage in your bathroom. Think of items like a vintage mirror, a small flower pot, a glass candle holder, or even that cake plate that you never use - the possibilities are endless.


Fill Your Makeup Bag with Skin-Enhancing Essentials From Taut


The bottom line is, we all use skincare products to keep our skin looking its best, so why buy and store products in your home that don’t deliver the results you want? In reality, you only need a few products to boost your skin health. So, we’ve come up with the Taut Ultimate Transformation Package to help you take the guesswork out of your skincare routine.

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What else do you need from your skincare collection?


If you want to learn more about this incredible bundle or some of our other transformative products, feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect solution for you and your skin.