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"I love Taut! 

I have been using the product for three months now and I have noticed a significant difference.
The texture of my skin feels more even, firm and smooth. I've noticed my pores are smaller and tighter and my face is brighter.
I look forward to drinking Taut every night before I go to bed knowing that the Collagen is restoring my skin. 

Oh and did I mention it tastes just like orange juice. 

I would highly recommend it."

Kenya Owen
Star of BET’s Gary Owen Show
Edwina Cheer 
Celebrity Sports Nutritionist
Fitness Expert
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
Author of The Mind Diet
Taut Premium Collagen Supplement - Look years younger | Renewalliance Inc DBA TautUSA
"Since I started drinking Taut, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my face. I’m now at an age where my face is starting to thin out the fine lines are becoming more pronounced. Taut has restored some of that natural youthful fullness. I’d drink this by the gallon if I could." 
Taut Premium Collagen Supplement | Renewalliance Inc DBA TautUSA
"I love this product. It makes my skin more supple and youthful.
I can see and feel the difference.
Definite improvement of my skin elasticity."
Before & After Drinking 2 Boxes Taut Premium Collagen | RenewAlliance
"I was taking youtheory collagen supplements that I found from costco. I noticed some slight improvements in my skin and joints. But being out of the country for several months, I ran out of it and did not have any collagen supplements for awhile. Then my daughter told me about Taut collagen, so I decided to go ahead and start my program with 4 boxes of drinks. After the 2nd bottle, my joint pain went away. After only 2 boxes, I noticed my skin texture is smoother, firmer, and my sagging skin tightened. Such a drastic difference from the collagen pills I was taking. Then I started adding in the Bright, so after 3 boxes and 10 days of Bright, I noticed some of my age spots had faded and my complexion had brightened up.
Only thing I can say is
Before and After Drinking Taut Collagen | RenewAlliance
"You can see my picture the difference between the "before and after" picture I drink this very good tasty "Taut". My pictures show that my expression lines between my eyes, crows feet, upper lip area expression lines and wrinkles, smile lines, chin and lower lip areas are toned. In general my skin is softer, fuller, smoother, more radiant. My age spots disappeared.
Also, my left leg joint pain gone.
I started drink it before bedtime but, very soon I switched to drink it first thing in the morning. It works for me better."

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"I really love Taut collagen replenishing formula. After taking it for just five days I noticed that these ingredients reduced the wrinkles under my eyes and all over my face. By the second week it started Lifting my cheeks, tightening my entire face and closing My pores. I was so excited to see my face look more youthful. My skin actually looks a million times better. I still have fine lines but my face has totally improved. My husband who isn't detailed oriented even mentioned it to me. He asked me if I had done something to my face. The treatment is very convenient and easy to follow. It doesn't get much simpler than this and most importantly it doesn't hurt. The mask is like an instant face lift and closing of pores. I love it. I will definitely continue to use this product."

Elena V

"I am on my day 19th of the 21 day intense program now, and I can see significant improvement on my facial skin. I definitely will start the maintenance program after the 21 days. I decided to buy MISS MAGNIFIQUE set, since I want to try Taut Bright and Taut Mask as well. " 

Excellent Product!!
"I just finished my 21 day intense program and love the results! I noticed an improvement by day 10 and it just got better from there. I have already ordered my ongoing maintenance supply of the collagen bottles. Love it!!"

Botox in a Bottle
"This is my 3rd order of Taut...I am 46 and feel that this has been the best stuff out there. It reduces those fine lines, plumps skin, and wipes years off your face. I definitely suggest taking more in the beginning until you achieve the look you want. And then take 3-4 a week as maintenance."
Noticeable Skin Changes
"I am on day 18 but I started to notice skin changes after only a few days. At first nothing I could specifically pinpoint, but just more radiance and a brighter look. As time went on I noticed my skin around my eyes in particular looked better, and fresher. I love it. I was worried about the taste but it takes like orange juice and it goes down in two gulps. I am hooked!"

Magical Product
"...It is incredible. I've been taking for about 17 days and have seen a dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin. It's fuller, smoother and tighter. I cannot sing this brand's praises enough. I literally look forward to waking up in the morning to see how my skin improved from the night before. Beauty sleep indeed!"

The deep crease around my mouth is gone and my face looks fuller! I didn't see a whole lot of improvement until I have consumed my 16th bottle though (I took it daily for my first box and then three times a week for the second). Then one morning, I realized that crease line is a lot less obvious and practically gone! I am so glad I stuck with it... Not an inexpensive product, but a lot cheaper than laser!

"What a refreshing feeling it gives my face. It's cool and soothing. After I use it, I notice an immediate improvement in the texture and softness of my face. My skin drinks up the nourishment of the mask, and it makes me feel like I'm getting a mini-facial. It's quick, easy, and travels well wherever I go. My foundation looks fantastic because of it. I love the mask, and paired with the Taut drinkable collagen, it's my go-to routine."

"This stuff is great. skin is smooth, tight, and just beautiful, highly recommend!"
"I bought this product for my wife. According to her, after 2 weeks of drinking, her skin has become smoother and less dry, especially her hands. She also notices that her skin's elasticity has somewhat improved. She's looking forward to using the masks and hopefully see more improvement in her skin in the coming weeks as she continues to consume the product."

I am all about eating healthy, taking care of my skin and feeling beautiful inside and out. This product does help the skin a lot! I saw results within the second week. My skin looked plumpier, healthy and glowing! I see the difference on my skin when I use Taut and when I don't. It's a bit pricey but it's definitely worth it! Also, great customer service and fast shipping! Thank you!"

"I have been using Taut collagen for over a year, I find Taut products to be amazing. My skin feels firmer, and my friends tells me I look younger. I used to wake up in the mornings with indented lines on my face, but I don't see these indented lines anymore. I highly recommend Taut collagen & face masks." 

"This stuff is a miracle in a bottle... It does work for sure, my skin has always been really nice, but after going through a stressful time it suffered a bit. Taut really gave me the glow and flawlessness back. I used it every other night for a couple months and now I'm using it every few days."

"I have used the program for nearly six months with dramatic results. I'm 64 and was told by my esthetician yesterday that my facial skin looks 5-7 years younger! I even packed supplies for our last 10 day cruise and used the face masks 4 times as the masks are instantly rejuvenating and I really have had several enquiries as to my 'secret'."
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Individual results will vary and are dependent on skin type and skin condition.

L O V E  Y O U R  S K I N

Join the millions of women who love Taut®


Each box contains 8 sealed, tinted glass bottles. Each bottle is 1.7 fl. oz. 



The most luxurious, powerful and effective collagen system designed to visibly reduce the signs of aging and promote firmer, youthful and beautiful skin. 

Perfect for first timer users who desire faster, visible, & amazing results. 

Experience A Radiant Transformation in 21 days



Our Collagen Maintenance Essentials are a must-have to support your collagen and give you a natural, youthful & beautiful glow.

Perfect for on-going collagen maintenance and to promote flawless, youthful, & radiant skin.

Wake up to Beautiful Skin Everyday

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Individual results will vary and are dependent on skin type and skin condition.
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