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I have always said to my friends, "I would like to be able to wear mini-skirts and dance until I am 80!"

I said that when I was in my early 30s. Little did I know, as I aged, my body and skin would begin to lose their energy, agility, firmness and vitality.

I had my beautiful baby son when I turned 40. I experienced first-hand what accelerated aging looks and feels like. Our skin loses elasticity and radiance. Our body loses energy Even worse, we begin to see fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

I must confess,  if I have to age, I would like to age beautifully naturally.

Being Asian from Singapore, I grew up with the belief that only through renewing our skin and body from the inside out and outside in, can we address the root of the problem and extend our youth and vitality. Thank goodness my loving husband and business partner also shares my belief and philosophy.

Together, our journey led us to investigate the Eastern approach to health, wellness and beauty. Our search started on a personal level because we sought the best and most effective long-term solution for ourselves.

During a business trip to Singapore, we discovered Taut Premium Collagen in an upscale health and wellness store. We liked the premium formulation and decided to give it a try. I started drinking one bottle every night. Within a few days, I saw a huge improvement on my face. My skin looked fuller, smoother and more radiant!  Both my husband and mother also commented on how great I looked. 

I looked youthful again.
It was my 'WOW' moment!
I wanted to share this wonderful discovery with other women like me. I soon learned that Taut is wildly popular in Asia and Latin America (over 10 million bottles sold since 2005) -- but was not yet available in the North America market.

My husband, an inventor/entrepreneur who patented the handheld LED light therapy device for winter blues and sleep disorders, always need to validate the science behind any product we use. He researched the clinical studies on Taut collagen and the anti-aging ingredients in Taut and concluded that the science and the clinical studies proved why Taut Collagen works.

So, with my business background and his focus on science, we incorporated RenewAlliance Inc. 
OUR PASSION: Provide The Best Anti-Aging Solutions That Preserve Youth and Vitality. 

We established a partnership with ONI Global (the brand owner of Taut) to market and distribute Taut anti-aging products into the North America market. ONI Global is the subsidary of OSIM, the very successful luxury health and wellness listed company in Singapore.

We launched Taut Premium Collagen in the United States in June 2013. In 2015, we reformulated Taut Premium Collagen to be made with a natural sweetener, Stevia, and no preservatives.

Since our launch, Taut Premium Collagen has been featured in many major beauty, health and wellness magazines and its a a huge success. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Our passion and commitment  to educate our customers about the best alternative approach to effective and natural anti-aging solutions continues.

We hope you enjoy our products and and see and feel the benefits like we have, along with the millions of loyal Taut customers worldwide!
Sincerely yours,
Grace Cheong & Larry Pederson,
Founders of RenewAlliance


  • We are passionate about providing the best anti-aging solutions that preserve youth and vitality.
  • We embrace the Eastern approach to Health, Youth and Beauty:  "You are what you put into your body."

  • It is our humble belief that we can replenish most if not all of what we lose as we age by taking the right supplements, combined with regular skin care and exercise routine.  We believe that we can slow down the signs of aging and age well into our golden years.
  • RenewAlliance is a boutique company managed by experienced business professionals who have a very 'hands on' personal approach to our products and customers.

  • Start today to Renew, Refresh, Restore.

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