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SEATTLE, WA [FEBRUARY 23, 2015] – RenewAlliance, the exclusive North America distributor of the LAC® Taut® brand, will introduce an updated formulation for Taut® Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula at Expo West, March 6th-8th. This improved formula is now ‘preservative-free’ and will feature Stevia and Xylitol, which together replace sucralose as a sweetener, thus making for a more natural and appealing product. 
Taut® is a breakthrough ingestible Collagen Nutricosmetic from Japan that supplements collagen lost with age to renew and beautify from the inside out. Taut® Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula has a unique and powerful formulation with 13 grams of Type 1 marine collagen per 1.7 oz. bottle -- the highest concentration of ingestible collagen on the market – along with a host of ingredients that work synergistically to support collagen uptake and increase skin hydration throughout the body.  

Larry Pederson, Founder of RenewAlliance notes that “Taut® Premium Collagen has been a wildly popular “beauty secret” in Asia for years – 10+ million bottles sold since 2008 – because the Asian culture embraces the Eastern approach to health and beauty of treating the underlying cause of the issue – in this case, loss of collagen. We are excited to introduce at Expo West 2015 the new and improved formulation of Taut® Premium Collagen -- now sweetened with Stevia and ‘Preservative-Free’. These enhancements make Taut® Premium Collagen even more appealing as an innovative option for your customers looking for a safe, effective and convenient way to replenish their lost collagen.” 

RenewAlliance will exhibit Taut® products at Booth #1574 at Expo West. New pricing and ‘Show Specials’ will also be available per request at the booth. Products are available exclusively on www.renewalliance.com, and at luxury spas, salons and retailers nationwide. 

For more information about LAC® Taut® or RenewAlliance, or to schedule an appointment with Mr. Pederson at Expo West 2015, please contact: Christina Jih, christinaj@renewalliance.com/ 425.633.3368. 

About Renew Alliance: 
RenewAlliance is the exclusive distributor of LAC® Taut® in North America. We source innovative products worldwide that help the body renew itself the way nature intended—from the inside out—using the highest quality ingredients to safely provide results you can see and feel. Our mission is to bring the Eastern approach to health and beauty to Western consumers by supplying the best, most powerful Nutricosmetic products to help our customers maintain their youthful beauty from within. 

About LAC® 
Launched in 1997, LAC’s brand philosophy is to deliver premium supplements that offer proven benefits to customers. LAC®, which stands for “Leader in Antioxidative Control,” set the standard in antioxidant supplements with world-renowned LAC MASQUELIER’s® French Pine Bark. LAC® has rapidly expanded its product range since 1997 and now boasts more than 30 distinctly successful and premium quality supplements marketed under the LAC® brand. LAC® Taut® Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula and LAC® zhi™ (“Zest, Health, Immunity”) are among the top selling dietary supplements in the LAC® brand. Today LAC® products are sold worldwide, from countries in Asia and Australia to Latin America, Europe and now the USA and Canada through RenewAlliance Inc. 
The LAC® brand and product range are owned by ONI Global Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of OSIM International Ltd., a publicly traded multinational company headquartered in Singapore. OSIM is recognized as a pioneer in premium health and wellness products. 

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