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Before & After Drinking 2 Boxes Taut Premium Collagen | RenewAlliance
"I was taking youtheory collagen supplements that I found from costco. I noticed some slight improvements in my skin and joints. But being out of the country for several months, I ran out of it and did not have any collagen supplements for awhile. Then my daughter told me about Taut collagen, so I decided to go ahead and start my program with 4 boxes of drinks. After the 2nd bottle, my joint pain went away. After only 2 boxes, I noticed my skin texture is smoother, firmer, and my sagging skin tightened. Such a drastic difference from the collagen pills I was taking. Then I started adding in the Bright, so after 3 boxes and 10 days of Bright, I noticed some of my age spots had faded and my complexion had brightened up.
Only thing I can say is
Before and After Drinking Taut Collagen | RenewAlliance
"You can see my picture the difference between the "before and after" picture I drink this very good tasty "Taut". My pictures show that my expression lines between my eyes, crows feet, upper lip area expression lines and wrinkles, smile lines, chin and lower lip areas are toned. In general my skin is softer, fuller, smoother, more radiant. My age spots disappeared.
Also, my left leg joint pain gone.
I started drink it before bedtime but, very soon I switched to drink it first thing in the morning. It works for me better."

Thanks for sharing your photos with us, ladies! If you would also like to share your skin success story, feel free to email us at! We will always ask your permission to share. 


I am all about eating healthy, taking care of my skin and feeling beautiful inside and out. This product does help the skin a lot! I saw results within the second week. My skin looked plumpier, healthy and glowing! I see the difference on my skin when I use Taut and when I don't. It's a bit pricey but it's definitely worth it! Also, great customer service and fast shipping! Thank you!"

"I observed the directions...
And have been rewarded with many compliments from girlfriends, my hairdresser and my husband! I'm a 64 yr old grandma so I'm sold!" 
Linda BC

"I had used the Taut collagen skin care products for about 2 months and noticed how even and bright my skin tone was becoming. One day a friend came over and the first thing she asked was what makeup did I have on because my skin looked so bright and beautiful. I told her I had no makeup on and gave her the information on Taut. BTW I am 75 and people think I am in my 50s. Can't beat that!"
This is my first reorder and loved the sample mask. My expectations are exceeded by my skin looking better than ever!"
Linda C

"I first read about this product on Facebook, so I sent for the 3 box special, after 5 days I started to see that my skin was retaining moisture ,pores disappearing, and everyone around me took notice, asking about my skin.I love this product..."

"I love this product! Tastes great. Not only does my skin feel hydrated after the first week, my hair looks shiny and healthier."

"The first day of using this mask, I totally forgot to apply face cream, probably because my skin was so moisturized. I am 66 years old and have lived my whole life in the Mojave Desert. Usually within 5 minutes of a shower, my skin feels so dry I have to use moisturizer (expensive moisturizer that is the best I have found). Late in the afternoon, I realized I hadn't use the cream and immediately felt my cheeks. They felt soft and moisturized, all from just this mask. Amazing!"

"Skin is so moisturized, I forgot to apply face cream! Acne is gone, hair loss is less, nails are much stronger!" 

"I can't live without it! 
I did the 3 week intense program. I'm now every other day. It's amazing, I will never do without. The taut lac masks are awesome. I use them a few times a week. Afterwards ,squeeze them out and spread on neck and decolletage.... amazing masks!"

"I have been using Taut collagen for over a year, I find Taut products to be amazing. My skin feels firmer, and my friends tells me I look younger. I used to wake up in the mornings with indented lines on my face, but I don't see these indented lines anymore. I highly recommend Taut collagen & face masks." 

So relaxing at the end of a long stressful day. I store mine in the fridge....and when you put it on it feels super refreshing. Leaves my skin smooth and soft. What a wonderful product ! 
YES -men need collagen too."

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Each box contains 8 sealed, tinted glass bottles. Each bottle is 1.7 fl. oz. 
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3 Boxes Collagen Drinks
2 Boxes Collagen Masks

3 Boxes Collagen Drinks

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2 Boxes of Collagen Drinks

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