Which Is the Most Attractive Zodiac Sign: Best Looking Signs (What Are They?)

Astrologer, Rachel Lang, shares her knowledge on different signs and their skin types as well as some helpful skincare tips you may find interesting!
most attractive zodiac sign

Ever wondered why your face is shaped a certain way? Do you always struggle with acne or dry skin?

It turns out that reading your horoscope could give you more than love and life advice – these skincare woes could be also written in the stars for you. Not only does your zodiac sign determine your personality, but it can also determine your facial features and your skin type.

Does this mean that there is a most attractive zodiac sign or a least attractive one? While there is no definitive list of zodiac signs ranked according to how beautiful they are, astrology says that there may be a connection between your facial features and your star sign. This means that your zodiac sign could also help determine the best skin care products for you.

We asked intuitive astrology expert Rachel Lang to tell us all about attractive zodiac signs and their corresponding features. She also shares some helpful skincare tips for every zodiac sign.


12 Attractive Zodiac Signs & Their Skincare Needs


1. Aries


“Aries is a fire sign with a lot of drive and initiative,” Lang says about this first zodiac sign. “Aries has a lot of heat in their bodies. Their ruling planet, Mars, rules the blood and the head. Their skin can have a red tint, which can make them blush easily. They sometimes have issues like rashes or rosacea too.” 

What makes Aries an attractive zodiac sign is its fiery personality traits and often luscious rosy lips, features that are irresistible to many.


Skincare Tips for Aries:


For Aries, the goal is to cool down the skin as much as possible. Lang recommends opting for gentle cooling cleansers, moisturizers, and facial oils with cucumber or aloe in them. Abrasive exfoliants or chemical peels are not a great idea for this fiery zodiac sign. “They might bring too much blood to the surface and make your skin hotter,” Lang says.


2. Taurus


“Taurus is a stable earth sign, with the planet of beauty, Venus, as the ruling planet,” Lang says. “For Taurus, the neck is a prominent feature. Taurus tends to have balanced skin with a good complexion, yet the skin might run a little dry.” The influence of Venus could give them an attractive olive undertone. 

Taurus is one of the more charming zodiac signs known for loyalty and caring for others, some strong and attractive personality traits that tend to draw romantic relationships in. However, if you have ever come across a Taurus you'll know about their stubborn trait, too!


Skincare Tips for Taurus:


According to Lang, the ruling planet of Venus gives Taurus zodiac signs a naturally attractive and youthful look (lucky you!). This trait means no need to fuss too much over finding the perfect anti-wrinkle cream. Instead, Taurus should focus on making their beauty routine a luxurious experience. Try a spa session at home with a moisturizing and nourishing mask like Taut’s Collagen Mask.

It’s also important for Taurus to show their neck and décolleté just as much love as they give their face. And, because Venus is all about sensuality, it’s also important that they always enjoy the feel and the smell of the products they use.


3. Gemini


“Gemini is an adaptable air sign with a constant need to try new things,” Lang says. “They get too busy from time to time, so their skincare routine needs to be adaptable. Though Gemini loves to try new things, they have to be careful as their skin can be sensitive. Allergies might even be an issue for them.” 

Geminis make great relationships with Aries, who may not be able to resist their strong facial features, attractive sense of style, and their charming and fun personality.


Skincare Tips for Gemini:


Because Geminis might have sensitive skin, Lang suggests opting for products that are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and made from natural ingredients. She recommends exfoliating regularly and using a light moisturizer. They can also benefit from multitasking beauty products, like Korean Skin Care, or having different types of facial masks handy for their different skin conditions. 


4. Cancer


“Cancer is ruled by the moon and can be receptive to the monthly cyclical changes,” Lang says. “Cancers are warm, nurturing, and protective. Their skin changes throughout the month. They are also sensitive to environmental conditions and may need extra protection from the sun and free radicals. Cancers may have a tendency to retain water too.”

Cancers are often seen as naturally beautiful and one of the prettiest zodiac signs, thanks to soft facial features, sparkling eyes, and their warm, kind, and loyal personality traits. Cancer is the most attractive zodiac sign to Scorpios and Capricorns, who will sometimes find Cancer hard to resist.


Skincare Tips for Cancer:


Cancers always love having a variety of products at hand so they can have anything their skin needs throughout the monthly cycle, Lang says. She recommends using a facial brush to help reduce puffiness and ingredients like green tea and antioxidants to detox and remove excess water from the body.

Supplements like LAC Masquelier® French Pine Bark OPC help to protect skin from pollution and sun damage, detox and improve circulation, strengthen skin health, as well as protect against the early signs of aging.


5. Leo


The zodiac sign of Leo rules the heart. “Leo’s skin can run hot and red,” Lang says. “They may have dry skin with a rosy tint. Leo cares about their appearance, and they need a skincare routine that helps them maintain an attractive youthful glow. Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun, and it therefore needs a good dose of Vitamin D.”

Leos are lions, with brave and charming personality traits and great hair (like a lion's mane!). Their confidence is an attractive trait that demands attention. They tend to form bonds and love matches with Aquarius, who will see Leo as the most attractive zodiac sign.


Skincare Tips for Leo:


For Leos, it’s all about cooling and moisturizing because they naturally run hot, Lang says. So think of products with refreshing ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber. And because Leos need a lot of sunshine, it’s important that they never head out without SPF.

To help combat dryness, they can also give Taut Hydrate a try. Made with hyaluronic acid and grape seed extract, this supplement is designed to hydrate your skin, protect against free radical damage, and smooth out imperfections. 


6. Virgo


Virgos are attractive zodiac signs to many people, and if you have ever come across one you will likely love them for their charming, kind, and open personality traits. A Virgo can form a good relationship with most other zodiac signs, but their traits have the potential for a beautiful love match with a Cancer or a Scorpio.

“Virgo is above all a hard worker with self-discipline,” Lang says. “They don’t often have a lot of excess fat around their face. With Mercury as their ruling planet, they likely have a thin face with angular features. So, it’s important for Virgos to plump up their skin and boost collagen. Virgo tends to have dry skin and be sensitive to the sun.”


Skincare Tips for Virgo:


Virgos might wonder does taking collagen really work? Skincare supplements with an intense collagen concentration, such as Taut’s Premium Liquid Collagen, will help Virgos (and every sign!) boost their collagen and elastin production and get that enviable glowy, plump skin that everyone dreams of.


7. Libra


Libras are born late-September or early-October. They are an air sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty – a sign of how attractive they are! “Libras tend to take good care of their skin because they love to look good,” Lang says. “The sign of Libra rules the kidneys. If a Libra doesn’t get enough water on a regular basis, toxins build up and make them susceptible to breakouts, especially in the T-zones. Their skin will show evidence of overindulgence or a lack of sleep.” 

Libras tend to have beautiful kind eyes and loving personality traits, with physical characteristics that tend to be irresistible to Geminis and Leos.


Skincare Tips for Libra:


“It’s all about balance for Libra,” Lang says and that definitely applies to their skincare regime too. In addition to paying attention to the things they consume, they should also get quality beauty sleep and eat a healthy detox diet that helps to remove toxins and maintain an attractive, youthful glow.

In addition, exfoliate, get facials, and use face masks regularly to help remove dead skin and rejuvenate the skin. Lang also recommends using glycolic acid to help keep the skin neutralized.


8. Scorpio


Born late-October or early-November, a Scorpio typically has a self-motivated and strong personality, which will come across as attractive to many. Scorpio is one of the most attractive zodiac signs to Cancer or to other Scorpios.

“Scorpio is associated with deep feeling and intense emotions,” Lang says. “Yet, they don’t often show this to others. Mars is the traditional ruling planet of Scorpio. Mars can heat things up making Scorpio susceptible to rashes, especially when it’s hot outside. Their skin can be oily or combination. They may have a breakout every now and then. This is especially true during stressful times.”


Skincare Tips for Scorpio:


Although breakouts are no fun for Scorpios, there are a few things they can do to keep them at bay, Lang says. They should wash their face often, use a cleanser with essential oil that can help unclog pores, and exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin and prevent blackheads.


9. Sagittarius


Born late-November and early-December, a Sagittarius has confidence and a fun, outgoing personality. They are typically flirty, with an attractive sparkle in their eyes that gets attention!

“Sagittarius will love a good adventure,” Lang says, and they’re willing to try almost anything. “Their ruling planet is Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. So, Sagittarius’s motto might be ‘go big or go home!’ Their skin shows evidence of overindulgence, especially if they’ve eaten or drank too much. This can lead to rashes, blackheads, rosacea, or acne. Sagittarius rules the liver. So a liver detox can help with any of these conditions.”


Skincare Tips for Sagittarius:


Although Sagittarius sometimes has a tendency to want to go big, for their skincare routine, keeping it consistent and never going to extremes is actually best, Lang says. Since they may struggle with acne, using an exfoliating cleanser regularly is a good idea. Lang also recommends using products with vitamins to help fight free radicals and protect the skin.


10. Capricorn 


Born in December and January, “Capricorn is an ambitious, driven earth sign,” Lang says. “Saturn, the planet associated with time, is their ruling planet. Capricorns are no-frills individuals and have a practical approach to life. When they are overworked, their skin may show it. They have dry skin, especially in the cold-weather months.”

A Capricorn is a self-disciplined person who pays attention to detail, and you can often feel their intense sense of dedication and hard-working nature. These December and January babies are often born with strong features and a good bone structure, making them irresistible to many, and one of the most attractive zodiac signs for a relationship with Taurus or Virgo.


Skincare Tips for Capricorn:


Capricorns need more moisture in their skin so products that hydrate are great, Lang says, especially if they help stimulate collagen production. Products made with natural and gentle ingredients that deeply moisturize are the best for Capricorn's sensitive and dry skin.


11. Aquarius


Known to have kind eyes, beautiful hair, and irresistible physical features, Aquarius is a universally attractive zodiac sign. They have an open, kind, and honest nature, and never feel shy around other people.

“Aquarius is an innovator and a visionary,” Lang says “They tend to be independent and enjoy learning about new products to try, especially ones that are gentler on the environment. Aquarius rules the circulatory system. Because of that, this zodiac sign may need to find ways to bring blood to the surface of the face and neck. Aquarius has skin that varies from oily to combination, and they may have an occasional breakout because of this.”


Skincare Tips for Aquarius:


To help get an Aquarius’s blood flowing to the face, Lang suggests using a facial scrub, exfoliating treatments, or even micro-dermabrasion. A facial brightener, such as Taut’s Bright Bye-Bye Dark Spots, will help brighten and even out skin tone thanks to ingredients such as Vitamin C, L-glutathione, and Olive Leaf Extract. Toning can also help keep oily skin around the t-zone under control.


12. Pisces


A Pisces is almost always a person with beautiful eyes, attractive features, and an intuitive nature. They are both sensitive and sensual, with a strong sense of empathy and an ability to read people. This is a zodiac sign that is always true to itself.

“Pisces is sensitive, creative, and mystical,” Lang says. “Their skin reflects this. As a water sign, they tend to have fair, sensitive skin that may be slightly on the oily side. They can be especially sensitive to environmental toxins and allergens. They can also be susceptible to breakouts in stressful times. There’s a definite mind to body connection for Pisces, and they tend to show physical signs of stress.”


Skincare Tips for Pisces:


Because Pisces' skin can be on the sensitive side, wearing daily sunscreen is essential as are products that will help fight free radical damage. A light, balanced moisturizer will also help keep the skin from getting too oily. It’s best if the products are always sourced from pure, natural oils. A product like Taut Intensive Recovery Serum, made from 7 botanical herbal extracts that can hydrate, repair, and protect is a good option.

So there you have it. Although astrology might have an influence on how attractive and radiant your skin is, you can always be proactive and achieve a beautiful, healthy complexion. 

Still not sure what skincare products are right for you? Take our skincare quiz today and learn which products will help you achieve that red carpet radiance!


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