Plump Lips - 7 Glamorous Plumping Up Tips for Perfect Plumped Lips

plump lips

One of the beauty trends that really stands the test of time is plump and rosy lips. From the sticky sweet lip glosses of our youth to the Kylie Jenner lip kits that line our shelves today, the quest for the perfect pout continues.

In fact, lip injections have become one of the most sought-after procedures around the world, with more and more young women going under the needle in recent years. But what if you want to increase the size and smoothness of your lips without facing your fear of needles or paying a hefty bill at the esthetician's office? 1

Thankfully, we have come a long way from those tingling (read: burning) lip glosses of the early noughties, and today there are so many products available that can help you plump up your pout while maintaining a natural look. By adding some hydrating and plumping products into your beauty routine, you can make your lips look and feel fuller than ever!

Read on for our expert tips for plumping up your lips, and find out what are the top 10 skin care products for a perfectly plump pout.


7 Ways To Plump Your Lips Naturally


When it comes to plump lips, it's not all about size. You also have to factor in hydration, smoothness, and dermal health, all of which will come together in making your lips appear full and rosy.

Here are our top tips to help you achieve some of that natural lip-plumping action:


1. Add Hyaluronic Acid To Your Skincare Regime


Hyaluronic acid is, without a doubt, the most important ingredient you need to know about when it comes to achieving plump lips. It is one of the main substances responsible for healthy, hydrated, and plump skin, and it also affects how full your lips will look.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance throughout our bodies, responsible for keeping our skin, eyes, and joints supple. It has a gooey gel-like texture, and it works in tandem with collagen and elastin fibers to keep our skin smooth and flexible.

Boosting your hyaluronic acid supplies goes a long way in hydrating your face and lips, preventing wrinkles, and promoting a fuller, plumper appearance. That's why you'll find this ingredient in a wide variety of anti-aging treatments, from lip filler injections to hydrating face serums, masks, and moisturizers.

When it comes to treating your lips specifically, you can find hyaluronic acid in hydrating lip balms and glosses. If you want to feel the benefits of this plumping ingredient for your entire body, you can also try a supplement that replenishes your supplies of this acid from within (more on this later).


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2. Increase Your Collagen Supplies


The second key ingredient you need to know about is collagen, the protein responsible for the structure of your skin, and your lips too. Without it, your lips would become brittle, dry, and wrinkled.

In skincare, ingredients called collagen peptides are used to trigger cells throughout the body to produce more collagen, which in turn helps you achieve a more youthful, plumped-up complexion. You'll see collagen peptides in many anti-aging creams, as they are a highly effective ingredient for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But what you might not have known is that these little ingredients are also a godsend for anyone looking to plump up their pout.

Replenishing your collagen supplies with supplements and a peptide-infused lip balm can go a long way in filling out your pout, reducing wrinkles and increasing volume for fuller-looking lips.


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3. Try Some Lip Plumping Exercises


This might sound a little bizarre, but have you ever heard of yoga for your face?

In recent years, facial yoga has become an increasingly popular way to tone the muscles in your face and neck and sculpt your appearance. Although it sounds unusual and you may be skeptical, two studies have shown conclusive evidence that facial yoga can have anti-aging benefits. However, it does require a daily and ongoing commitment to the exercises, so you can choose for yourself if this is worth it for you! 2, 3

Face yoga has a number of exercises that specifically target the lips, working to strengthen the muscles around your pout. For a plumper lip, tilt your head back and point your chin towards the ceiling, then pucker up like you are going for a kiss and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 5–10 times a day to tone those muscles and plump up your lips.

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4. Avoid Bad Habits


When it comes to maintaining healthy and plump lips, it's important to stay away from the things that cause your skin to wrinkle and dry out.

Cigarette smoking is one of the key offenders when it comes to damaged lips, with many long-term smokers experiencing the dreaded "smokers lips" in later life. There are 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, many of which accelerate the formation of wrinkles, drain your lips of their color, and make your complexion appear dull and wilted.

Drinking alcohol in excess will also impact your collagen and elastin supplies, leaving your lips susceptible to wrinkles and dryness.

So don't let your lip-plumping efforts go to waste, and avoid or at least minimize these bad habits where possible!


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5. Add Essential Oils To Your Lip Balm


Before we get into our top picks of the best lip plumpers on the market, we'll let you in on a little secret. You can actually make your own DIY lip plumper at home, by combining some essential oils with your favorite lip product.

Peppermint oil and cinnamon oil are two essential oils that can stimulate circulation in your lips and cause a gentle swelling effect, making your lips appear more full and plump. Simply add a drop or two of either peppermint or cinnamon into your favorite lip balm or lip gloss and apply to your lips.

Just make sure you don't overdo it with peppermint oil or cinnamon in your DIY gloss, as too much could bring your formula from a gentle tingling sensation to a burning and uncomfortable one, fast!


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6. Make a DIY Lip Scrub


Exfoliation is key to keeping your lips smooth and rosy, working to remove dead skin and get your circulation flowing for a fuller appearance.

The best news is that you don't need to spend a fortune on fancy beauty products for this tip either, you can make your own lip scrub by raiding your kitchen pantry. Simply mix a little coconut oil and sugar together and apply to your lips, rubbing in a circular motion to remove any dry, dead skin. Wash away any remaining product and finish off by applying a hydrating lip balm.

Your lips will feel instantly smoother and plumper, and you'll see a nice rosy color!


7. Finish Your Look With a Lip Plumper


Lip plumpers are products like balms, lipsticks, and glosses that contain ingredients that make your lips tingle and swell.

These beauty boosters typically contain a combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and some of the circulation-boosting oils we mentioned above. Lip plumpers often give your lips a gentle tingling sensation, which can feel a little unusual if you're not used to it. Thankfully, lip plumpers today are all expertly formulated and tested so they should never burn or cause any pain.

Finish off your skincare and makeup routine with a dash of lip plumper gloss, and you'll be ready to face the day with fuller-looking lips!


Top 10 Lip Plumping Products To Maximize Your Pout


Check out our top picks of the best lip plumpers and products to help you achieve fuller lips, without the need for needles:


1. Taut Hydrate


We have already mentioned that using a hyaluronic acid supplement is the best way to plump up your lips while also hydrating your skin. Even the best lip plumper will only have a temporary effect on your pout, but by boosting your supplies of this acid from within, you can feel a long-lasting impact on the health, smoothness, and plumpness of your lips.

And when it comes to hyaluronic acid supplements, Taut Hydrate is top of the list.

Taut Hydrate contains a combination of 99% pure, plant-based hyaluronic acid and grape seed extract, mixing hydrating and plumping action with a potent antioxidant. Together, these ingredients work synergistically to plump and super-hydrate your complexion, improve smoothness, and visibly reduce signs of imperfections.

By delivering intense hydration from the inside out, Taut Hydrate can plump up your skin and maximize your pout. It works from deep within your dermis, with no needles required!


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2. Taut Premium Collagen Drink


While we're talking about supplements, Taut Premium Collagen Drink is your next go-to for plumping up your lips and keeping your skin healthy, too.

Our hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides have a high bioavailability, meaning that they are easily absorbed by the bloodstream. In simple terms, this means that this is a collagen supplement that truly works, and it's fast.

By triggering your cells to produce more collagen, Taut's collagen drink increases your skin's density and elasticity, which in turn fills out fine lines and wrinkles and increases volume. So not only is this an anti-aging supplement for treating wrinkles, but it can also plump your lips, too!

Taut's advanced formula also contains a winning combination of elastin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, grape seed extract, and vitamin B6, which work together to hydrate, tone, and protect your complexion and your lips.

By giving you naturally fuller lips from within, this supplement can help you get that enviable "I woke up like this" pout.


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3. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss


This option from Dior is the best lip plumper if you want something that combines plumping action with a vibrant and long-lasting lip color.

Dior's famous lip gloss formula contains hyaluronic acid spheres that hydrate and smooth your lips, filling out fine lines for a fuller-looking pout. This Dior formula also has a high-shine gloss finish that enhances your lips without feeling sticky.

Even better, the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss comes in a range of 18 shades, so there is a shade for every occasion!


4. PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster


The PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster is a plumping lip treatment that hydrates and softens your lips while also boosting their volume.

This lip plumper contains patented "filling spheres" which combine sodium hyaluronate and konjac root to boost the volume of your lips without any tingling or irritation. These spheres work when they come into contact with water in the dermis, swelling and drawing moisture up to the surface of your lips for an instant plumped-up effect.

This serum-like formula also contains ingredients that boost your collagen, and vitamin E to smooth out fine lines and protect your lips. Thanks to its gentle and non-irritating formula, this lip treatment is the best lip plumper for sensitive skin types!


5. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme


Lip Injection Extreme by Too Faced is a plumping lip gloss with a high shine finish, which combines lip color with volumizing action.

This is a lip plumper with a formula that hydrates, nourishes, and softens your lips, while also delivering an instant boost of volume. It's a gloss packed with atelocollagen, marine filling spheres, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E to plump up your pout, without feeling sticky or greasy. When used daily, it can also have long-lasting lip plumping effects for a naturally soft and voluminous look.

Thanks to its clear shade, you can apply this lip plumper gloss on its own, or use it as a topcoat over some lip liner or lipstick.


6. Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss


This plumping lip gloss by Buxom is often named the best lip plumper if you are looking for a high-shine look for your lips.

This winning Lip Polish formula uses peptides to boost the volume of your lips and fill out lines and wrinkles, plus vitamins A and E keep them smooth and soft. The only downside of this gloss is that it does have a tingling sensation, which is fine for most people but may irritate some sensitive skin types. If you are prone to sensitivity, make sure you do a quick patch test before using this lip plumper to avoid any unwanted burning sensation!

The best thing about this Buxom lip gloss is the wide variety of colors available, from shimmering nudes to full-on glitter, there is a shade for everyone! Plus it has a high shine, shimmering finish without feeling sticky or greasy. All in all, this lip plumper makes a great addition to your makeup bag.


7. VENeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment


VENeffect's Anti-Aging Lip Treatment is a restorative lip cream infused with antioxidant ingredients like resveratrol and grapeseed oil.

It works like an intensive balm treatment that can be used morning and night to hydrate and nourish your lips. Their formula uses phytoestrogens and collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the lips, while antioxidants soften, hydrate, and protect to leave you with smooth, soft lips.

This lip treatment is an investment with a higher price tag than most, but a little goes a long way so one pot of this beauty balm will last you a long time. It is also our top contender for the best lip plumper for anyone with severe dry skin!

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8. Fillerina Lip Plump Grade 1


Fillerina's lip plumper is a treatment that offers serious lip hydration and a longer-lasting impact than many of the other gloss or balm options.

Fillerina's formula has a gel texture, acting like a serum for your lips. It combines 6 hyaluronic acids and peptides with other lip-loving ingredients like shea butter and vitamins A and E, creating a formula that rebuilds your lips and fills in lines and wrinkles.

We love this lip serum because it not only offers instantly plumped-up lips, it can achieve results that can last up to 3–4 months. It's also good to know that their formula is vegan, oil-free, hypoallergenic, and suitable for sensitive skin.


9. KNC Beauty All-Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask


This lip mask is infused with the perfect lip plumping duo that is collagen and hyaluronic acid, alongside hydrating ingredients like rose flower oil and bitter cherry extract.

We love how easy and deeply hydrating it is. Simply apply the mask and leave it on for 20 minutes, et voilà, lips look instantly fuller and smoother!

Because it makes your lips soft and smooth, this mask is a great primer for lipstick or gloss too. Plus, its all-natural formula, paraben-free, and sulfate-free formula will leave your lips soft and hydrated without harming the planet.


10. Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Lip Kit


We couldn't make a list of the best lip plumping products without a nod to this infamous beauty kit.

Although women have been wanting plumper lips for decades, Kylie Jenner truly popularized this lip craze. Now her beauty company, Kylie Cosmetics, has a series of lip kits designed to help you get her enviable pout.

The kit contains a glossy lipstick and lipliner combo designed to enhance your pout, and the lipstick is packed with vitamin E to soften and hydrate your lips. It's a great kit to have in your makeup routine when you want to highlight your lips and add a pop of color. Plus, there is also a matte version if shine isn't your thing.

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Transform Your Skin & Get Plumped Up Lips in 24 Days


Whether you are struggling with thin, dry lips or you want to maximize your pout further, the Taut Intense Transformation Program can help.

This program contains 3 boxes (24 bottles) of Taut Premium Collagen Drink, designed to supercharge your collagen supplies and greatly enhance the quality of your skin and lips in just 24 days.

A daily dose of our liquid collagen supplement can greatly increase the collagen density in your skin, resulting in a plumped-up and more youthful appearance. This is a beauty treatment that truly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while adding volume to your lips, working as a natural lip plumper to maximize your pout from the inside out.

24 days of Taut's collagen drink can help you achieve fuller-looking lips, without any sticky gloss or lip injections!


Still deciding? Check out our skincare reviews and 'before and after' photos to see how Taut really works!