Masquelier’s® French Pine Bark & Pine Bark Extract Benefits

What Is Pine Bark Extract?

Masquelier French Pine Bark OPC


What Is Pine Bark Extract?

Derived from the inner pine bark of the Pinus maritima tree, pine bark extract is a natural antioxidant. It contains high concentrations of oligomeric proanthocyanidin compounds, also known as OPCs, which have been noted to help improve resistance to infection, irritation, allergies, aging, and more. French explorers first discovered pine bark extract benefits when Indigenous people in Quebec offered pine bark tea to crewmembers as a treatment for scurvy. 400 years later, Professor Jacques Masquelier noticed the unique protective qualities of Pinus maritima bark. He dedicated a lifetime of research to extensively studying the OPCs he discovered in the pine bark to explain why it offers so many benefits.


What Benefits Does a Pine Bark Extract Supplement Provide?


The number of benefits offered by pine bark extract is surprisingly long, covering everything from improved absorption of vitamin C to promoting healthy circulation and boosting your immune system.

Using an OPC antioxidant supplement can help your body neutralize free radicals and toxins, helping your body stay healthier and look younger longer. In fact, there are so many pine bark extract benefits, it’s hard to believe it isn’t more commonly used.


Seven Pine Bark Extract Benefits


As a result of its high OPC antioxidant levels, pine bark supplements offer a variety of benefits for your body, skin, and overall health. Here are 7 pine bark extract benefits you can enjoy when you use pine bark supplements regularly:

  1. Strengthening of blood vessels and circulation
  2. Improved absorption of nutrients and vitamin C
  3. Improved vision and eye health
  4. Strengthened immune system
  5. Neutralization and protection from free radicals for cells and structural proteins
  6. Reduced muscle irritation, fatigue, and pain
  7. Reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite, with skin appearing more supple


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Are There Any Side Effects to Pine Bark Extract Supplements?


Studies haven’t indicated any major risks associated with pine bark supplements. However, it’s helpful to be aware that French pine bark extract can have interactions with other drugs. Because pine bark extract may slow clotting, you shouldn’t take pine bark extract if you’re on blood thinners. Some studies have shown that taking both vitamin C and OPCs simultaneously could increase your blood pressure if you’re hypertensive. As with any supplement, be aware of how the ingredients could interact with anything else you take and speak with your doctor first if you have any concerns at all.


Why Taut® USA’s Masquelier® Pine Bark Extract Formula is the Choice for Pine Bark Extract Supplements


Not all supplements are created equal, but our high quality pine bark supplement is clinically proven to benefit your appearance and your body. MASQUELIER’S® French Pine Bark Extract has been clinically studied and trusted since the 1960s to safely protect, preserve, and enhance your health and vitality. Gluten free, vegan, and GMO free, the healing properties of this French pine bark extract come from its unique 3-way action protection. Providing powerful antioxidants, potent collagen support, and nutritional and vascular support, this pine bark supplement is based on Dr. Masquelier’s lifetime of research.

Taut® USA’s Masquelier French Pine Bark Extract is created with patented OPC antioxidant technology to help neutralize excess free radicals and toxins throughout the body. The blend of pine bark and grape seed in MASQUELIER’S® OPCs has been shown to be 20 times more powerful than vitamin C and significantly more powerful than vitamin E as an antioxidant.

Additionally, clinical studies found this OPC antioxidant improved vascular function by strengthening capillaries, delaying aging of blood vessels, and improving circulation overall. This improved circulation and vein health can also improve the appearance of unsightly veins at the surface of the skin. Because of its function as a vascular support and a potent antioxidant, clinical studies have also shown this French pine bark extract to produce vascular benefits in smokers.

Finally, the powerful OPCs in MASQUELIER’S® French Pine Bark Extract help to protect and maintain collagen and elastin levels in the skin by protecting collagen fibers from free radical damage. This not only helps your skin stay healthier and more resilient, but also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving the suppleness of your skin. Your skin will look younger and more radiant, with a renewed healthy glow.

Enjoy the numerous benefits of pine bark supplements with MASQUELIER’S® French Pine Bark Extract. You can improve your circulation, your vascular function, your body’s absorption of essential nutrients, the look and feel of your skin, and more, all with one supplement. Don’t wait to discover why OPC antioxidants have been used for hundreds of years. Take care of your health and slow down premature aging today. Look and feel years younger with MASQUELIER’S® French Pine Bark Extract.