How Does Collagen Improve Skin Elasticity?

How Collagen Improves Skin Elasticity


Why Does Your Skin Lose Elasticity as You Age?


You’ve probably noticed that babies and young children have luminous, firm, rosy skin, but have you ever wondered why? The answer is collagen. Collagen is an essential structural protein found in the skin and throughout the body, and babies are born with an abundance of it in their skin. The most plentiful protein in the body, collagen is responsible for holding individual cells together, as well as for providing support and strength within the skin via long fibrils of collagen molecules. The wealth of collagen found in younger skin allows it to remain plump and elastic. The dermis is composed of over 70% collagen, and 80% of the collagen in the skin is Type I, the most abundant collagen in our body. Type III collagen, which makes up about 10% of the collagen in our skin, is found in higher concentration in babies and children, making their skin incredibly soft and supple. As we age, the Type III collagen in our skin is replaced by Type I.

While we’re born with high quantities of collagen, age causes the body’s natural collagen production to slow, and cell structures begin to weaken. Around 30 years of age, collagen levels in the body begin to drop by about 1-2% each year. In addition, sun damage, poor nutrition, and smoking can contribute to weakened collagen in the skin, too. The effects of naturally declining collagen levels and harmful environmental factors, like UV rays or smog, ultimately result in sagging skin, loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and thinner, rougher skin that is overall more susceptible to damage.


What Role Does Collagen Play in the Health of Your Skin?


Fundamentally, collagen is what holds our bodies together. It helps us heal and bounce back from damage, and generally allows various parts of our body to remain both flexible and strong. And while collagen is responsible for a lot in your body, it’s especially important when it comes to the health and resiliency of your skin. Your skin is the primary barrier between you and the world, meant to protect you from external dangers. Collagen is also a large component of your dermis, helping your skin retain its structural integrity. Even if you’re vigilant about sun protection, avoid toxins, eat well, and never smoke, it’s impossible to avoid the natural depletion of collagen with age. As a result, when your collagen levels begin to decline, the structural integrity of your skin declines, too. Since your skin’s strength and firmness depend on collagen, the lower your collagen levels, the more vulnerable your skin becomes to wrinkles, potential damage, and sagging.


Is It Possible to Replenish Your Collagen Levels?


Because collagen is responsible for your skin’s structure and firmness, the loss of collagen visibly exacerbates signs of aging. With the natural loss of collagen in your body each year, how can you replenish your collagen levels?

Many skin care companies tout products that contain collagen, but the unaltered collagen molecule is too large and too dense to penetrate the surface of the skin. Even when it comes to eating collagen-rich foods, like tuna, carrots, salmon, or sweet potatoes, the molecule cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream in its natural state. Unless the collagen has been properly altered so it can enter your bloodstream or penetrate the dermis, it can’t provide many benefits for your body and skin.

However, Japanese scientists discovered how to hydrolyze collagen, using high-pressure steam to break the molecule up into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces can be digested, forming collagen peptides that are then absorbed into the bloodstream and are also able to penetrate the dermis. This process makes the collagen highly bioavailable, so you can replenish the collagen levels in your body and achieve maximum results.


How Does Collagen Improve Skin’s Elasticity, Firmness, and Smoothness?


Once the collagen is hydrolyzed and made bioavailable, how can it help your skin? Since collagen keeps your skin firm and elastic, replenishing your collagen levels helps support and protect the body’s naturally existing collagen, and helps support the structural integrity of your skin. With proper replenishment via hydrolyzed collagen supplements, you’ll see improved hydration and radiance, as well as improvement in the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and sagging in your skin.

Replenishing the collagen in your skin with high-quality supplements can visibly improve the appearance of your skin’s elasticity, and it offers other benefits, too. Clinical studies show that taking hydrolyzed collagen can reduce the appearance of signs of aging on the skin overall. Studies indicate that regular hydrolyzed collagen supplements can significantly increase the density of your dermis, resulting in a decrease in wrinkle formation. Additionally, studies of Taut® Premium Collagen show that after regularly taking the supplement for eight weeks, women reported improved skin radiance, brightness, and skin elasticity. Ultrasound images show Taut® Premium Collagen improved collagen intensity in the skin after eight weeks, demonstrating the power of replenishing the collagen in your body.

An exceptionally effective collagen supplement, Taut® Premium Collagen is created with high quality hydrolyzed marine collagen and contains 90% Type I collagen with high bioavailability. Taut® Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula offers the highest concentration of hydrolyzed collagen available, nearly 2-6 times the concentration of other brands, with 13,000mg of hydrolyzed Type I marine collagen per 1.7oz serving. Shown to improve skin collagen density and improve the look of skin’s elasticity, Taut® Premium Collagen is made with other anti-aging ingredients to support firmness and hydration and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Don’t let collagen decline cause your skin to decline, too. Replenish with Taut® Premium Collagen to protect and support your collagen levels for radiant, youthful-looking skin. Try Taut® Collagen for four to eight weeks, and you’ll see visible improvement in the look of your skin’s elasticity and hydration, with fewer visible lines and wrinkles. Fight signs of aging and transform your skin with this powerful and luxurious formula today.