What are the benefits of Grape Seed Extract

Discover how Grape Seed Extract can prevent skin aging and why you should include them in your diet.

The power of grape seed extract


Grapes are most often relished as your 5 p.m. companion (in the form of a nice, woodsy glass of Merlot) but these humble fruits can make you happy in other ways: specifically, by keeping your skin youthful and vibrant. The seeds of grapes, in particular, have been shown to work wonders for skin when they’re consumed. After all, they are the fuel that grows entire vines! Let’s explore what the fuss over grape seed extract is about—and why you should consider adding them to your daily regimen.


What Exactly Is Grape Seed Extract?


Surely you've heard of grape seed oil (since it’s quite often used in topical skincare treatments for its moisturizing abilities), but grape seed extract (GSE) is another incredible ingredient you should consider.

Obviously, grape seed extract comes from the seeds of red grapes. In the past, the seeds were viewed as simply byproducts of wine-making that had no use, so they were thrown out. Nowadays, grape seeds are garnering the appreciation they deserve—particularly for our complexions. Here’s why:


What are the benefits of Grape Seed Extract For Skin


How much can the humble grape really help against the never-ending battle against the telltale signs of aging? It turns out, a lot.

First of all, grape seeds are powerful antioxidants that serve as your frontline soldiers in the fight against free radicals. In short, free radicals are unstable atoms that damage cells in the body, including skin cells. They’re caused by pollution, smoking, stress and sun damage, and they’re even created out of the blue, too, just because you’re alive.

When free radicals damage skin cells, it can lead to premature aging, meaning you're likely to get a lot more wrinkles and sagging unless you provide your body with enough antioxidants to neutralize these effects. Without antioxidants to balance them out, free radicals would run rampant throughout your body, causing irreparable damage.

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So remember, antioxidants and free radicals are natural enemies, and antioxidants are definitely your friend.

Among the most powerful antioxidants in grape seed extract are proanthocyanidins and catechins. These are believed to be significantly more potent than the antioxidants in vitamin E and C—and this is a big deal considering the two of the most powerful and oft-studied skincare ingredients ever.

Moreover, the polyphenols or OPCs (oligomeric procyanidins) found in grape seeds are also extremely nutritious for the body, thanks to their free radical-scavenging abilities.

Polyphenols are also known for their job of binding collagen fibers. Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, begins to deteriorate as we age. Grape seed extract prevents collagen from being damaged. This further allows for more elasticity in your skin, keeping it firm and perky, and preventing the dreaded sag, deepening of wrinkles, and prevalence of cellulite. It even allows for better movement of joints and other areas of connective tissue.

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UV damage also prevents skin from retaining that bounce-back that makes skin snap back into place after being stretched. If everyone really understood how badly the sun damages their skin, the whole world would probably never be caught dead sunbathing again! Alas, educating people on the dangers of sun damage still hasn't quite convinced everybody to use sunblock properly and efficiently. But you, dear reader, are now armed with the knowledge that sun exposure is the very devil, and you'd do well to steer clear of it, or at least try to undo some damage from your youth by embracing substances like grape seed extract.


How are grape seed extract manufactured?


Grape seed extracts are seed blends made primarily from grapes. Polyphenols are extracted from grape seeds using hot water. The extract is then purified, concentrated and spray dried into powder.

A hundred years ago, seeds were pressed in a manual wedge press to extract the precious oil from grape seeds. Today, pharmaceutical-grade extracts often are made by combining high heat and solvents to produce grape seed extract that can be used as a supplement, or grape seed oil that can be added to our diet.


The Difference Between Grape Seed Extract, Resveratrol and French Pine Bark

Although it may be tempting to think every part of a grape is the same, that's simply not true. GSE shouldn't be confused with resveratrol, which comes from the skin (not the seeds) of grapes used to make red wine. Resveratrol is more abundant in red wine than white because the fermentation process for red wine takes longer.

One caveat: resveratrol is chemically related to estrogen, and can either promote estrogen activity or block it. You might want to steer clear of it if you have breast, ovarian or uterine cancer, or if you're trying to become pregnant or taking an oral contraceptive. Resveratrol may also interact badly with blood thinners or drugs like ibuprofen. Talk to your doctor if this concerns you.

GSE also shouldn't be confused with French pine bark. French pine bark comes from trees growing along the southwest coast of France. French pine bark contains procyanidins, also found in red wine, which are antioxidants that fight against oxidative stress.

French Pine Bark OPC offer a variety of amazing benefits for your body, skin and overall health. Besides the known anti-oxidant benefits, what makes this miracle bark so amazing (and better than the OPC's found in grape seeds), are the additional healing and protective properties: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic properties. In addition, it has been discovered that French Pine Bark can help reduce muscle soreness and improve conditions related to poor circulation, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, diabetes, aging skin, eye disease and stamina.


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Adding Grape Seed Extract to Your Beauty Regimen


At this point it should be abundantly clear why you should incorporate grape seed extract into your anti-aging endeavors, especially if you want to maintain youthful skin for as long and possible.

This is one of the reason why we have recently upgraded our best seller and most popular Taut Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula  with grape seed extract.  Each glass bottle contains a good amount of grape seed extract and provides all these wonderful benefits that translate into visible results—namely firmer, uplifted, brighter skin and the reduced appearance of discoloration and dark spots that occur as a result of sun damage, acne scarring or the regular aging process.

Our Taut Premium Collagen Advanced formula combines grape seed extract with other potent and proven ingredients that synergistically work to preserve and protect youthful skin. Along with its antioxidant, collagen-supporting and brightening powers, grape seed extract works with 13,000 milligrams of hydrolyzed marine collagen (potent concentration to trigger your body's natural wound repair response to start producing collagen), elastin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins B6, C & E ,ceramides, and DNA, all of which create a glowing, taut, soft and uplifted complexion.

Discover our advanced formula and how this little bottle can help reverse signs of aging, promote youthful radiant skin and protect your skin from free-radical damages.