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 Automatically Delivered Collagen for Skin Health

Do you ever feel like you have a laundry list of things to reorder on Amazon? (Toothpaste! Toilet paper! Cleaners! Medicine! Plastic bags! Your niece’s birthday gift!) Seriously, the list is endless.

Add skin care to that litany of monthly purchases and inevitably, you’re sure to run out of your trusty moisturizer when you really need it. By combining auto-shipping with Taut’s liquid collagen drinks, you can turn back the clock on your skin so it glows brilliantly—without ever skipping a beat.

Here’s the scoop:

What Are Collagen Kits and Why Do People Buy Them? 

Let’s be real: there are very few of us in our 30s, 40s, and beyond who wouldn’t mind having more beautiful skin. After all, healthy, vibrant skin makes you not only look younger—but also feel younger every time you look into a mirror.

Nowadays, beauty and anti-aging strategies tend to go hand-in-hand. But how can you easily improve your skin’s vitality once it loses elasticity and brightness?

For many, the solution lies in collagen kits. 

Collagen is a substance your body actually makes on its own. In fact, it’s the most common protein found in your body. Collagen is present in your body’s connective tissues, like ligaments and tendons.

It’s also, however, the stuff that makes your skin firm and elastic—in fact, you could say collagen is largely what keeps your skin looking young. Your body produces collagen until you’re in your mid to late 20s. After that, you start losing collagen at a rate of about 1% each year. (This might not seem like a lot, but think about how evident sagging and wrinkles are in people who are 60 compared to 20.)

To replace all that missing collagen, people from all walks of life have begun using premium collagen drinks and powders. As a supplement, collagen is sourced from animals like chickens, cows, or fish—but these sources don’t always produce the same results.

One of the reasons Taut is one of the best collagen kits is because their collagen comes from wild-caught red snapper fish, and collagen from fish is considered more bioavailable (easier for your body to absorb) than those from other sources like birds, mammals, or sea moss collagen. And that’s not all. Taut Premium Collagen Drinks also contain elastin peptides. Elastin is another key protein for keeping skin firm and toned—and it’s also offered by the snapper fish.

Taut collagen kits are also made with hydrolyzed collagen peptides. These peptides are made up of amino acids that have been broken down into smaller parts, making them easier for your body to process.

Taut Collagen Drinks contain additional vitamins and nutrients for younger-looking skin, including hyaluronic acid, grape seed extract, vitamin C, salmon DNA, ceramide, and vitamin B6. That’s a lot of skin-loving ingredients to pack into a little bottle of collagen!

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Improve Skin Elasticity With the Best Collagen for Skin


One of the most common reasons for taking an oral collagen supplement is to improve skin elasticity. If you’re wondering how to regain elasticity in your skin, you’ve probably thought about collagen. But how does it work? 

Well, first you need to understand what skin elasticity is: your skin’s ability to go back into shape after being stretched or pulled (imagine a rubber band).

Elasticity loss is one of the major signs of skin aging. It can cause many visible signs associated with aging, like wrinkles, under-eye bags, and sagging skin. Collagen helps skin become more elastic by supporting your skin and encouraging your body to produce more of its own collagen.

Collagen’s effect on skin elasticity has been demonstrated in many laboratory tests. A 2014 study from Germany found that, after taking specific collagen peptides for eight weeks, participants’ skin elasticity “showed a statistically significant improvement”.

A 2015 study from Brazil also showed that taking a supplement with hydrolyzed collagen and vitamins improved skin elasticity for study volunteers after 90 days. When it comes to choosing a skin elasticity supplement, collagen should be your first pick—no doubt.


How to Improve Skin Elasticity on Body


Most studies on collagen and skin elasticity involve facial skin, but what about the rest of your body?

Besides your face, the most common areas of the body that lose elasticity as you age include your hands, neck, elbows, breasts, and stomach. If you’re wondering about how to improve skin elasticity everywhere below your visage, never fear.

Collagen can help improve skin elasticity for these areas as well! When you take collagen internally, it doesn’t just work on your face—collagen’s benefits are distributed to the skin throughout your body. This is why drinking collagen is just as important as applying skin care. If you want to know how to regain elasticity in skin wherever it’s looking old, premium collagen drinks may be your answer.

(Now that you’ve learned about collagen and how to regain elasticity in skin, you’re probably wondering how to pick skin elasticity supplements that really work. Read our blog post for 7 Tips for Buying the Best Collagen Supplement.)


What People are Saying About Our Collagen Kits


Taut Premium Collagen Kits are causing quite the buzz—and rightly so. Here’s what real-life users said about how Taut Collagen helped them improve skin elasticity.

A verified buyer asserts that Taut “really works.” She went on to note that “I saw lessening of the grooves of my wrinkles, a tightening of the facial skin, and lesser sagging of my eye bags in just 8 straight days of use.” 

Another buyer gushes, “Taut is truly a remarkable discovery. A friend gave me a box to try and after seeing his results, truly I could not wait to try it. I love this supplement after trying it for a month. I have signed up for an on-going supply for a permanent place in my daily routine.


Auto-Ship the Best Collagen Drink Brand 


Once you’ve made the skin-changing decision to order a collagen kit, there’s nothing easier than auto-shipping.

What is auto-shipping? It’s simple. It’s when you sign up to receive the Taut Premium Collagen Kit of your choice automatically. That means your collagen comes right to your doorstep, right when you need it. You won’t go a day without it, and you don’t have to think about re-ordering or forgetting. Auto-shipping is the simplest way to purchase collagen.


Auto-Ship Collagen Supplement 2018: What are My Options? 


As an educated consumer, of course you like options! We have several product options for you when it comes to auto-shipping the best collagen kits. Here’s what you can choose from:

Taut Premium Intense Transformation Program Kit:

Discounts on Collagen

This kit or program includes three boxes of Taut Premium Collagen Drinks, for a total of 24 bottles of collagen servings. Many of our happy customers have found our premium collagen drinks improve their skin in just 21 days! This program is perfect for first time user to super-charge your collagen for the initial kickstart phase. To see visible results, Taut recommend drinking one bottle every night before bed for at least 3-4 weeks, then switch to drinking 3-4 times a week after you see results. 

Auto-shipping this collagen transformation kit will help you maintain the beneficial effects collagen has on skin elasticity and the visible signs of aging. 

Taut Premium Collagen Kit:

Collagen Online Subscription

This kit contains two boxes of Taut ingestible collagen drinks, with a total of 16 bottles of our skin-loving collagen. This kit is enough to last for one month after you complete the initial transformation program. The reason is due to the high potency of collagen per bottle serving, which means you don't need to drink every day once you switch to the maintenance phase. In addition to the many anti-aging benefits of collagen, many people auto-ship collagen supplements for joints. Laboratory tests have shown that ingestible collagen helps reduce joint pain for athletes and those with bone and joint diseases. 

Taut Premium Collagen Powder 60 Sachets:

Automatically Shipped Collagen Powder

If you’d like to take your collagen powdered, this is the kit for you. You can dissolve powdered collagen in water or pour it right into your mouth. Our powdered collagen is sweetened with natural stevia. It also features a tangy cranberry flavor. You can auto-ship Taut collagen powder every two, three, or four weeks.

Taut Collagen Mask:

Collagen Mask Subscription

Our topical collagen mask is great for days when you want to look your best, like weddings, parties and work presentations. It takes just 15 to 20 minutes to rejuvenate your skin with a collagen mask. Additional ingredients include hyaluronic acid, natural squalene from olives and vitamin C. Each box contains five collagen-infused cloth masks. Auto-shipping our collagen masks ensure you’re ready for any special occasion.


Which Collagen to Take

With several options for auto-shipping collagen, you might be wondering which collagen to take. To help you decide, here are some questions to consider.

1. How often do you plan to take collagen?

Many of our customers have seen near-miraculous results after just 21 days of daily supplementation with ingestible collagen. One box of Taut Premium Collagen Drink includes 8 servings; make sure to order and auto-ship enough to get (and maintain) the results you want.

2. Do you want to see dramatic results?

Our customers have gotten the most dramatic and unbelievable changes in their skin from Taut Premium Collagen Drinks. Taut Premium Collagen Powder contains 1,500 mg of marine hydrolyzed collagen, while Taut Collagen Drinks contain 13,000 mg. Also, our drinks contain 6 additional key ingredients for healthy skin, while our powder contains only 2 (hyaluronic acid and grape seed extract). Since our collagen drinks contain much more collagen and additional ingredients than our powder, the results of our collagen drinks are usually more noticeable.

3. Do you want to look amazing for a special occasion, or for every day (or both!)?

There’s no substitute for regularly taking ingestible collagen. But our Taut Collagen Masks do a great job of instantly brightening up your skin for the days you need it most. Consider auto-shipping collagen masks in addition to our drinks or powders. 


Revitalizing Collagen Shipped Right to Your Doorstep


There are so many reasons to take advantage of our auto-shipment program. We’re sure you’ve got questions about auto-shipping, and we have plenty of answers. Here’s more information about our auto-ship program, including five reasons you should auto-ship collagen supplements for skin and hair:

5 Reasons to Auto-Ship Collagen Supplements for Skin and Hair:

1. It’s beyond convenient. Look, we know you’re busy. Life sometimes seems to move a million miles a minute. When you have your premium collagen drink auto-shipped, it comes right to your home when you need it, so you can keep your skin looking radiant—without any hassle.

2. You may get a discount. Who doesn’t like saving money? When you auto-ship Taut collagen, you may save from 10 to 15% off your order’s total. It pays to save money on something you’re going to buy anyway!

3. You don’t have to remember to reorder. Auto-shipping collagen supplements means you’ll never miss taking your collagen because you forgot to order it. That’s beautiful and smart.

4. You choose how often your auto-shipments come and cancel anytime. You can pick to receive your collagen every two, three, four or six weeks. You’re in control of how often you get more collagen, or stop and cancel anytime. 

5. We have top-notch customer service. We strive to help our customers achieve the skin-changing results they desire. Our motto is, “If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.” If you have a problem, please let us know about it, and we’ll strive to make it right. Customers are responding to our high level of service in a great way.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to auto-ship collagen supplements for skin and hair, as well as joint health. Auto-shipping is a simple, cost-effective, and risk-free way to purchase collagen.


What People are Saying About Our Collagen Drinks


You can trust our verified buyers to tell you the truth about Taut ingestible collagen. Here’s what they have to say about our groundbreaking collagen drinks, in their own words.

One of our satisfied customers called Taut collagen truly amazing, stating that, “I have been using the collagen for the past four weeks and I've noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my face. It is much firmer. My neck is also looking much firmer. …If that isn't enough to get excited about, my hair is much thicker, and my nails are strong and healthy now. Another added bonus is my joints are feeling much more resilient.

Another customer attributed Taut collagen with giving her glowing, younger-looking skin. “I used the Taut collagen skin care products for about 2 months and noticed how even and bright my skin tone was becoming. One day a friend came over and the first thing she asked was what makeup did I have on because my skin looked so bright and beautiful. I told her I had no makeup on and gave her the information on Taut. BTW I am 75 and people think I am in my 50s. Can't beat that!

It’s not very often when “skin care made easy” actually means, well, easy.

Auto-shipping and Taut’s collagen supplements create the perfect formula for beautiful, radiant skin—simplified. With literally just a few clicks of a button, you can get tried-and-true “liquid shots of youth” straight to your doorstep, drink up and enjoy your life with a glowing complexion.

What’s easier than that?

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