7 Easy Ways to Combat Those Pesky Sunday Scaries

Monday jitters are more common than you think

7 Tips To Ease Monday Anxieties


Ah, Mondays. They are arguably everyone’s least favorite day of the week because it means you have to get back to work and other real life responsibilities, which let’s be honest, can be very stressful at times. So much so that the mere anticipation of Monday can make you feel anxious on Sunday and keep you from enjoying your time off. This is often referred to as the “Sunday scaries.” It’s something we can all relate to and it’s definitely not fun to experience.

So what’s the solution? We’ve got you covered with these seven easy things you can do to keep those pesky Sunday scaries at bay.


1. Plan out your week


Often times, the source of the Monday anxiety is that we feel overwhelmed by our calendar and long list of things we need to get done that week. That’s why planning out your week ahead of time will take so much pressure off. You can do this on Friday afternoons or even on Sundays. Just carve out an hour or so to sit down with your calendar and to-do list and map out what you need to get done and when. 

Don’t try to fill up your schedule with as many things as possible. Be realistic about what you feel you can get done. Make sure you also leave some wiggle room for unexpected things and schedule in self-care time as well. This ritual seems so simple but it will ensure you start your week stress-free because you know you’ve allotted enough time to get it all done. This is also a great time to set intentions for how you want your week to go to make sure you kick things off with a positive mindset. 


2. Clean up your space


Your environment makes a big impact on the way you feel. If your space is cluttered and messy, your mind will feel scattered. To set yourself up for a good week, take some time over the weekend to tidy up your space. It doesn’t have to be a deep clean of your entire home, just ensure things are put away where they should be. This will create a sense of calm throughout the space which will in turn make you feel calm and in control as you start your week.

We also recommend making tidying up a nightly ritual to keep the clutter from piling up. Just set a timer for 10-minutes, put on some music, and do a quick clean up. You’ll thank yourself in the morning when you wake up to an organized home. 


3. Make Monday more enjoyable


Another thing you can do to beat the Sunday scaries is insert more joy into your Monday so that you look forward to it instead of dread it. Maybe you treat yourself to a coffee from your favorite coffee shop or you wake up a bit earlier to exercise and meditate. Practicing a sacred morning ritual is a very powerful way to start your week.

You can also schedule moments of joy throughout your day as well by going on a walk during your lunch break, listening to your favorite podcast during your commute, or rewarding yourself at the end of the day with a sheet mask and a bubble bath. The more joyful moments you bake into your day, the better. 


4. Practice self-care on Sunday


Weekends are intended for rest and relaxation so make sure you actually do those things. In order to dive into the new week feeling refreshed and recharged, you have to allow yourself some time and space over the weekend to fill your cup back up so you have enough energy to pour into your week.

Taking the entire day to just chill is ideal but with the busyness of life that’s not always possible. So make an effort to at least squeeze in some self-care time every Sunday and treat it like you would any other appointment and actually do it. Whether it’s catching up on your favorite Netflix show or doing something fun and creative just because, it will be time very well spent.


5. Be fully present on the weekend


Anxiety usually comes from worrying about the future. And most of the time, we worry about things that will probably never happen. So it ends up being a huge waste of energy that you could have spent doing something productive or just relaxing.

Bring some mindfulness into your weekend, especially on Sunday, and focus on being present and in the moment. When you do, the stress of Monday and the week ahead will melt away. This way you’ll end the weekend feeling like you actually made the most out of your time off instead of feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety before the week even starts.


6. Don’t leave your to-do list for the weekend


When you have a hectic week, what most people tend to do is leave all the things that they weren’t able to get to throughout the week for the weekend. Then what ends of happening is that they try to get it all done on Sunday and run out of time leaving them feeling behind and even more stressed. Don’t overestimate what you’ll have time for over the weekend. 

Instead, keep a master list of all the things you have to do—maybe it’s laundry, grocery shopping, errands, etc.—and do one task per day so they don’t pile up at the end of the week. One baby task feels way more manageable which means you’re more likely to get it done rather than procrastinate.


7. Try to get to the root of the anxiety


If you’ve tried all of these tips and tricks for combating the Sunday scaries and you still have major anxiety every time Monday rolls around, then maybe it’s a deeper issue. Perhaps your job or career path isn’t lighting you up or maybe you just have way too much on your plate and you’re not putting your needs first. Take some time on Sunday to reflect on this and try to figure out what is causing the scaries. Journaling, meditation, and taking walks are all good ways to clear your head and tap into your intuition. Once you identify the cause, you can start taking action steps to make it better.

Mondays do not have to be scary and bliss-filled Sundays are possible. By implementing these things into your routine, Sunday scaries will soon be a thing of the past and you can go back to living your best life over the weekend.