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Taut White - Ultimate Skin Brightening from Within

Taut White is an intensive spot targeting and skin whitening supplement highly saturated with antioxidant ingredients that help skin look flawless and support the skin's fight against the signs of ageing.

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Ageing and exposure to sunlight, stress and pollution cause the skin to darken and lose its natural clarity, fairness and radiance.

The revolutionary LAC Taut White is a breakthrough supplement that fades dark spots from within and controls the formation of more spots, creating a naturally gorgeous and illuminating skin glow.

Taut White's superb combination of L-Glutathione, Olive Leaf Extract, Artichoke Extract Powder and Alpha Lipoic Acid promotes skin lightening by controlling melanin production in the skin, and fading existing spots to reveal a more translucent, fairer skin tone.  

Taut White is also saturated with high amounts of antioxidants from Grape Seed Extract and L-Glutathione to protect skin against free radical damage and premature ageing. Vitamin C, another potent antioxidant, fights sun and stress damage and supports the body's collagen levels for firm, supple skin.

Taut White is the perfect complement to Taut Collagen Replenishment Formula. Use them together for intensive skin firming and brightening results.

Taut White

  1. Take one stick and pour contents into Taut Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula, water or fruit juice.  
  2. SHAKE - and DRINK! 

Take at bedtime on an empty stomach, daily, for best results. 

Is Taut White suitable for all skin types and ages?

Taut White is a skin whitening supplement suitable for adults of any age, gender and skin type, except as noted below.

Who is not suited to take Taut White?

​Anyone who is allergic to any ingredient in Taut White should not consume this product.  Also, anyone who has a serious illness and/or who is taking any medication should consult their doctor before use.

​​If I am taking Taut Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula, it is necessary to take Taut White? Do I need to take any other supplement?

Taut Premium Collagen is a comprehensive beauty supplement that can be taken alone for maintenance of healthy skin. Those who desire fairer skin or wish to reduce pigmentation or blemish marks can include Taut White to their skincare regime. In cases of dry skin, essential fatty acids, namely Omega 3 & 6, are also recommended to enhance the skin’s moisture retention ability.

Do I consume Taut White every day?

Taut White is formulated for daily intake.

How soon can I see results?

Taut White is an advanced beauty supplement with superior nourishing and restorative properties. Its benefits may be seen in as quickly as one to two week’s time of daily intake for most people.  As individual’s response time and extent of skin damage differ, some may take a longer time to see and feel results.

Taut White is highly saturated with antioxidant properties and skin brightening ingredients:

L-Glutathione -- A powerful antioxidant that plays an important role in protecting cells against oxidative stress and lessens the effect of ageing. Also promotes skin lightening by suppressing melanin production in the skin.

Other ingredients are all powerful antioxidants that protect the skin against free radical damage and premature ageing, as well as promoting skin lightening by inhibiting melanin production in the skin:

Olive Leaf Extract -- Protection from harmful UV exposure.

Artichoke Leaf Extract -- Prevents waste reactions occurring due to free radical formation and reduces cholesterol in the blood, promoting a healthy liver.  This in-turn leads to healthy and nourished skin as the liver eliminates toxins from the body.

Alpha Lipoic Acid -- Aids in regeneration of Vitamin C.  Also helps to protect the skin from free radical inflammation, including sun exposure.

Grape Seed Extract -- Contains proanthocyanidins which help strengthen and protect cell membranes from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Protecting and enhancing Vitamin A and C.

Vitamin C -- This essential vitamin also supports the body's collagen production, while at the same time protecting our skin from free radicals we develop due to excess exposure to the sun, environmental pollution. 

L-Cystine -- An amino acid that helps to repair and replace damaged skin tissues, and promotes healthy looking skin.  L-Cystine assists in preventing the skin’s production of melanin pigments by stimulating the production of glutathione

The White really does its job to brighten up my skin! Now I love my clear complexion with greatly reduced amount of freckles!
I live in a state with unlimited supply of sunshine, California. The sunshine makes me happy but bad for my skin…I have had freckles for more than 35 years. This White really does its job to whiten my skin! Now I love my clear complexion with greatly reduced amount of freckles!
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