5 Benefits of Using Collagen Face Mask

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  • 25 Jul, 2015
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Discover the advantages of incorporating collagen mask into your skincare routine.

5 benefits of using collagen face mask

If you haven’t tried collagen face mask before, you’re in for a treat. Paper collagen face masks are infused with a variety of nourishing ingredients, not the least of which is collagen. The main structural protein found in connective tissue, collagen makes up approximately 25% to 35% of the total protein content in the human body. Collagen gives young skin its firm, supple appearance.

Gone are the days of applying goopy creams and sticky face masks that make a mess. Paper collagen masks give your skin an instant glow, yet are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is unfold the mask and apply it to your clean face to give your skin a rejuvenating dose of collagen. Below are 5 benefits of using collagen mask.

1. Hydrate and nourish your skin

Collagen face mask comes prepackaged in a foil pouch, which keeps it moist and sterile. The mask is drenched with beneficial ingredients and maintains a tight seal on your face, ensuring that the active ingredients and moisture deeply penetrate your skin.

2. Slow down collagen depletion

As we age, collagen production diminishes. It is estimated that by the time we reach the age of 40, the body has lost approximately 15% of its collagen production. Collagen face mask slows down the breakdown of collagen and protects the collagen in your skin by combatting damaging free radicals.  

3. Fight the signs of aging

Using collagen face mask helps maintain the skin’s youthfulness and fights the signs of aging. Apply the mask at least two to three times per week to improve your skin’s texture and firmness as well as reduce the size of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

4. Convenient and easy to use

Unlike other types of face masks, which require preparation, sloppy application, and cleanup, paper collagen face masks go on quickly and easily. There’s no effort involved, so you can begin to enjoy your facial immediately, whether you want to soak in the tub, watch TV, or lie down on the couch and listen to music while letting the mask do its magic. There’s no fuss or mess before, during, or after treatment.

5. Relieve stress

Stress shows on your face. Collagen face mask is a pampering treatment that not only makes your face look refreshed and rejuvenated, but also offers psychological benefits. Schedule some time each week to apply a collagen mask, sit back, and relax. Collagen mask is a spa-like treatment you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Taut® Collagen Mask

The breakdown of collagen leads to the development of wrinkles and contributes to the appearance of aging skin. LAC® Taut® Collagen Mask is a high-intensity facial mask that contains hydrolyzed marine collagen, which is easily absorbed by the skin. The mask deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin and has been proven to benefit users of all skin types. Even after a single use, the mask can lift sagging skin and restore a youthful complexion. 



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The thought of summer often conjures up images of flip-flops, bathing suits, and tans. Summer is a popular time for people to bare their skin and enjoy the great weather. In addition to bringing warmth and fun days outdoors, however, the summer sun can also cause numerous skin problems if you don’t take preventive measures to keep your skin in tip-top condition.
Sun exposure isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it is a key source of vitamin D. However, you should avoid overexposure to sunlight. The maximum amount of sunlight you should get each day is 15 minutes before 10am or after 4pm. If possible, avoid mid-day sun exposure because that is when the sun is the harshest.
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Collagen is a major structural protein found inside and outside of our bodies. It is a unique building material comprised of amino acids that provides strength and structural support to our bones, skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Although we can get collagen from the food we eat, factors like pollution, aging, and smoking lead to a high rate of collagen degradation over time, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Taking a liquid collagen supplement can help restore this vital substance and reduce the signs of aging.

There are three main types of collagen found in collagen supplements and skincare products: bovine, porcine, and fish collagens. Porcine and bovine collagens are cheaper than fish or marine collagen, so most collagen products on the market are derived from these sources. Bovine collagen originates from cows, while porcine collagen originates from pigs. The collagen is taken from the skin or tendons of these animals. Approximately 3% of the population is allergic to bovine collagen. Porcine collagen is more similar to human collagen, so allergic responses are rare.

Fish collagen, also known as ‘marine collagen’, is extracted from cold sea fish. After manufacturers extract collagen from fish, they refine it to remove the unpleasant fishy odor and taste while retaining the collagen’s nutritional value. Fish collagen has superior bioavailability, which is the rate at which a substance is absorbed into the body when ingested.
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Collagen is a fibrous protein made up of amino acids that is the main building block of our cells, organs, and tissues. Collagen is the largest and most abundant protein in the body, making up about 65% of our total protein. Collagen also makes up a whopping 95% of the dermis, or underlying layer of the skin, helping maintain the skin’s firmness, suppleness, and elasticity.

Collagen production reaches its peak when you’re 20-25 years old and then starts to decline as you age, so it only makes sense to replace what you have lost via supplementation. Collagen supplements reverse the natural loss of collagen that occurs as you age. The collagen molecules in collagen creams are too large to enter the epidermis, or outermost layer of the skin. Therefore, those concerned with looking young have gone from slathering collagen creams onto their skin to taking collagen supplements.
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Collagen is the primary structural protein in the body’s connective tissues. Collagen, along with elastin, gives the skin its structure, texture, and resilience. As you age, collagen production drops way off, causing your skin to sag and develop wrinkles. Some people resort to surgery, harsh chemical peels, and other cosmetic procedures to restore a youthful appearance. Another option is to incorporate collagen products into your skincare regimen to replenish lost collagen and erase the signs of aging. Topical collagen products and collagen drinks rejuvenate your skin and treat wrinkles without the downtime and unwanted side effects associated with invasive procedures.
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